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Frequently Asked Questions

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01Why trust Moveha?

Moveha aims to create the most reliable housing rental platform for international students. Moveha has partnerships with various rental agencies throughout California, Illinois and New Jersey. We collaborate with international student offices, international student groups, and CSSA from over 100 colleges and universities. Moveha also partners with two largest property management groups in the San Francisco bay area and 1,200 rental offices around the US in order to provide students with the most reliable information about the best affordable housing options near their schools.

Note: Moveha will never increase rental prices just because we collaborate with different rental offices. On the contrary, we will try to get the best affordable price for students.

02How to find housing options on Moveha?

Moveha has created a very easy method for you to search housing. You can simply type in the name of your college or university in the box, and then click Search, all the available housing options near your school will pop up on the map, along with their rental information.

03What types of information does Moveha provide?

Moveha provides all kinds of information regarding apartment rentals. Besides the picture gallery, we also provide information about how you can get to your school and the estimate time to drive, take the bus or walk. In addition, we provide information about restaurants, shopping, and entertainment options near your colleges or universities. Therefore, you can find the apartment that best suits your interest and convenience.

04Besides apartment rentals, what other services do Moveha provide?

Moveha also provides add-on services such as airport pick-up, assistance to open bank accounts (debit & credit cards), cellphone service set-up, furniture rentals, etc. If you need any of these services, please check our website at

05Why should I check availability first?

Sometimes it is difficult to keep updated with the changes of the rental prices because these prices do fluctuate every day. Therefore, checking availability allows us to provide you with the most accurate information about your desired apartment.

06Are there any risks of uploading confidential documents on the website, such as the copies of the I-20 form, passport and a financial statement?

These documents are necessary to rent an apartment in the U.S. because as an international student, you do not have credit record that the rental office or your landlord can access. Therefore, these documents can help the rental office to proof that you are a reliable person with the ability to pay for the monthly rents.

Note: Based on our privacy policy, Moveha will never release our users’ information to a third party.

07What kinds of fees do you need to pay to rent?

If it is an apartment: you need to pay an application fee and a holding deposit. These fees are collected by the rental offices. Moveha has no obligation with these fees.

If it is a private house: you will probably need to pay a one-month rent as the deposit, the actual amount varies by different landlords. Moveha will temporary hold this deposit for you until you arrive in the United States and move into the house. We will then transfer this deposit to your landlord.

If you use Premium Service: Moveha will collect $300 from you as our service fee.

08Why Moveha holds a deposit before you move in?

For private housing, in order to protect both parties’ interests (the landlord and the student), Moveha will hold the deposit as the third party. After the agreement is signed between the two parties, if the student fails to move in on the agreed date, this deposit will not be returned to the student and we will pay part of this deposit to the landlord in order to compensate his or her loss. If the landlord fails to make the room available on the contracted date, this deposit will be fully refunded to the student, and Moveha will help the student find a new house with no service fee.

09Why Moveha needs to hide/protect the landlords’ and tenants’ information?

In order to provide our users an open and reliable rental platform, Moveha needs to protect private information of our users to in order to prevent unauthorized usage of confidential data and possible identity thefts.

10Why should I use Moveha’s airport pick-up service?

Moveha’s airport pick-up service is part of the process that will allow you to quickly rent a nice home to live. After we pick you up at the airport, we will take you to the bank and open a checking account. Rental offices do not accept cash In the United States; they only accept checks for deposits and rents. Getting a checking account will make your rental process much easier.

11How long does it take to reserve a room or a house?

From checking availability to securing a room or house under your name, your reservation will be completed within 48 hours if everything goes on well.

12What if I don’t want to rent the house anymore, will the application fee & holding deposit be refunded to me?

According to the rental policies and laws in California, the application fee will not be returned to the tenant, but the holding deposit can be returned if the tenant cancels his or her reservation within 72 hours. For other states, we will need to look into the rental policies and get back to our users.

13What if I can’t find a house or room that fits my requirements?

Moveha has opened a premium service. If you can’t find a house on your own, you can register our premium service, and tell us your requirements. We will designate a professional to assist you in the process.

14if I encounter problems when using the website, how do I contact Moveha?

There are two ways to contact us: 1) in our Home page, find and click Contact Us, 2) in our Home page, find Online Chat box, we will have online employees to answer your questions.

15 I can’t decide between furniture rentals or purchasing my own. Can you tell me which way is better?

Moveha partners with CORT, the biggest furniture rental company, in order to provide our students with the most convenient and affordable furniture rental services. Our furniture rental package only costs $99/month, and you will get a $20 gift card from Moveha.

Of course, getting your furniture from IKEA is also a good choice if you are good at assembling furniture yourself.