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Moveha Premium Service

We all know how frustrated looking for an apartment/housing could be.

Therefore, Moveha is on your side!

We now offer Moveha Premium Service that we will find an apartment/housing that works for you at your BUDGET, your move-in DATE, and your DESIRE. Moveha will provide a knowledgeable local team member to work with you to find your next home! So just tell us your preferences, we will find your next home while you are enjoying your day!

Premium Service Price Comparison Chart:

MovehaOther agentsDoing it yourself
Service Fee$500$1200 ~ $2000$0
Hotel Fee$0$300$600 ~ $750
Total$500$1540 ~ $2360$830 ~ $1020

Premium service list

Moveha Premium Service includes:

Help you register and set up(choose the service you need):

Arrive in the destination(choose the service you like):

Transaction fee(4% of the transaction fee is charged by third party.):

You can get the discount if you have the coupon code:

* Moveha charges $500 on premium service for labor cost.

* Moveha premium service does not cover 3rd party service fee.(e.x. monthly mobile service fee)

* Moveha will refund the $500 if housing listing provided is unsatisfying and has not yet started communicating with landlord of the listings.

Total $0