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Start your new life experience, right here, at Moveha !!

Dear Moveha Users:

Moveha Inc

We are named Moveha Inc based in Silicon Valley and Happy Rental Service Tech Company based in Hangzhou.

Congratulations! You have started a new page in your life through your hard work and perseverance. we understand your worries of how to thrive in a new city or in a new country. Here at Moveha, we hope to find you a warm home before the moment you step down from your flight.

Moveha understands deeply that a clean and comfortable house is extremely important for a person who just starts to live his or her life in a foreign country. Moveha knows even better the importance of having good roommates and neighbors, who will greatly influence the quality of your life at your new place. Therefore, Moveha tries its best to bring lenders and borrowers together. Through introducing and learning about each other, we hope to connect people who share similar interests and personalities, and let them become roommates, friends, and possibly become life-long companions.

So who is Moveha? Moveha consists a group of young, lively, and innovating adults, who share similar life experiences with you, know the pains of studying in a foreign country, and strive to help you overcome your obstacles. We are trying our best to provide you the best rental service, and build a solid platform for international students who need immediate housing upon their arrivals. Hopefully, we can leave a memorable impression in you, and whenever you think of renting houses, you will think of us, Moveha.

For our dear users, we hope you to witness our company’s positive growth with us as we continuously aim to provide you the best service.

Moveha will always by your side, help you start your brand new life.

Thank You

Your one and only Moveha Team